Authvia Target Investments

Pay2Day Solutions, Inc. dba Authvia  

Pay2Day Solutions, Inc., dba Authvia is an alternative investment opportunity in the burgeoning fintech industry. Authvia is an intelligent-assist communications and conversational payments platform designed by experts in telecom, software, and fintech. Authvia’s “contactless” payment technologies are groundbreaking and in high demand due to the emergence of COVID-19.  The current sales pipeline includes four of the top 10 payment processors in the world and the company’s next 24 month projections are all in current contracts and implementation pipelines. Connect with Red Door today to find out more about this right-time, right-place opportunity.

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The Plug

The Plug was founded by Brothers, Ray & Justin Kim, with the mission to create a lifestyle better-for-you wellness brand focused on optimizing everyone’s lives by educating people about the power of plants and herbs and bringing awareness to the liver. The Plug’s proprietary blend of 13 plants, flowers, and fruits provides the highest herbal concentrate (3.6g) over any of its competitors. The Plug should be the Last Shot Of The Night.

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Adapt Ideations

Adapt Ideations was founded based on the concept that there is a greater need for information digitization to unlock the power of asset intelligence for timely and proactive business decisions. This led the company to implement the most advanced and innovative technology in asset tracking and monitoring solutions to allow companies to remain competitive and achieve greater operational efficiency. Adapt Ideations specializes in providing innovative supply chain and logistics solutions to a variety of industry sectors. They offer a wide range of IoT (“Internet of Things”) enabled asset tracking and monitoring solutions to enhance supply chain visibility and ensure adherence to compliance and regulations.

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Greenscreens.ai is a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the truckload spot rate market that delivers buy and sell-side market intelligence and business insights to help freight brokers and 3PLs grow and protect margins. Greenscreens.ai combines the power of aggregated market data and a company’s own historical data with advanced machine learning techniques to deliver short-term predictive freight market pricing specific to a company’s individual buying and selling behavior.

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Elephant Craft, Inc.

The Elephant Craft mission is to lead and define the craft hard seltzer category. Elephant Craft beverages are born from passion with the intent to strictly use REAL ingredients in its innovative flavor profiles, while also creating social awareness and resources for endangered wildlife through its partnership with Elephant Co-Op, (www.elephantcooperation.com). Elephant passionately supports its motto of, Harder, (Seriously strong 6.5% ABV) Healthier (100% REAL fruit and ingredients) and Happier (1% of all profits donated for the preservation of endangered species) all in its efforts to Do Good, Be Good, and Make Good in all they do.

PrimaHealth Credit

Powered by proprietary technology and credit analytics, PrimaHealth Credit’s patented technology delivers a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use solution that accurately matches patients to payment solutions they can afford. Through its partnership with Citizens Bank, PrimaHealth Credit’s Greenlight Program provides a total solution from prime to subprime patients.


There are 53M Americans who have a disability. They spend over $29B annually on travel. Despite these large numbers, there is no one-stop source to fill the important needs of this demographic. accessibleGO is a travel platform that offers bookings with accessibility data, reviews written by people with disabilities and a community offering accessibility information and support for like-minded individuals needing the same services.



DRNXMYTH’s mission is to bring the best-tasting, freshest quality craft bottled cocktails to people everywhere. DRNXMYTH patented a unique dual chamber, twist-to-mix pressure-tech bottle that keeps liquor separate from fresh ingredients and goes through 85,000 pounds per square inch of cold water pressure thereby extending the refrigerated shelf life for 8 months without using artificial ingredients or preservatives. Each drink is made in collaboration with a bartender creator who receives a portion of the profits for the sales of their recipes. Mixology, bottled