Partner with Red Door’s Group of Seasoned Investors and Operators

The Red Door team is a group of seasoned entrepreneurial experts from private equity operations, Investments & wealth management, and legal services, that have joined together to identify, invest in, and manage private equity transactions.

Red Door invests side-by-side along with its network of High Net Worth Investors, Family Offices and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s). Red Door partners with founders and entrepreneurs that seek real capital partners to create collaborative relationships, deploy strategic oversight, implement governance and professionalize operations – all to ensure our family of investors are protected and are prepared for a successful exit transaction.

In some instances, Red Door along with its Investor Network, pre-positions itself by providing a bridge loan or other investment structure to an Investment target. This provides Red Door with discounted valuations, exclusivity for future fundings, allowing the company to continue performing on its goals prior to a permanent financing, reducing investors risk and shorten investment time horizons.

Fees and Expenses

Red Door Management, Inc. pays all up front transactional, due diligence and on-going operational expenses for its transactions. Red Door entities do not charge a due diligence fee or management fee unless it negotiates a net discount with no impact on the investor. Red Door prefers to profit only from the success of a transaction along with our capital partners.

Join Our Network

Red Door Capital Partners, LLC (“Red Door”) is seeking to expand its Network of High Net Worth Investors, Family Offices and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s), who can benefit from our deal flow, investment thesis, and management oversight as we develop to build our portfolio of assets.

Red Door transactions typically offer preferred income (paid or accrued), downside protection in the form of liquidation preferences, anti-dilution protection and very favorable terms to mitigate risk. Red Doors’ manager, Red Door Management, Inc., is registered as an Exempt Reporting Adviser (CRD#311082).

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