Investment Targets

Markets & Sectors


  • Publishing
  • Services
  • Technology

Health Care Industry Investments
Health Care

  • Devices
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Medical & Pharmacy Benefit Management
  • Claims, Payment Processing

Technology Investments
Technology; Service As A Software (“SaaS”)

  • Payments and Fintech
  • Logistics
  • Cyber Security

Investment Strategy (All Markets and Sectors)

Revenues / Profitability

  • “Seed Capital” round raised and spent to develop a proprietary product, service or technical platform
  • Experienced and proved management team
  • Generating revenues with the expectation to be EBITDA positive in the next 12-24 months
  • Significant sales pipeline in place to support financial projections
  • Red Door financing supports operations to EBITDA positive
  • Projected exit transaction to occur in the next 24-36 months
  • Industry trends and tailwinds support Red Door’s market & sector targets

Capital Provided

  • Initial investment (Series A or above) $3 to $10 million in equity per round
  • First right to future funding needs via equity or debt (if needed)
  • Red Door Capital Partners may provide bridge capital prior to primary funding to jump start company goals, reduce risk and secure funding. Bridge capital to be converted into funding at first closing

We Pay all up Front Transactional,
Due-diligence, and Ongoing Operational Expenses.

Red Door Management, Inc. pays all up front transactional, due diligence and on-going operational expenses for its transactions. Red Door entities do not charge a finder’s fee or management fee unless it negotiates a net discount with no impact on the investor. Red Door prefers to profit only from the success of a transaction along with our capital partners.
Red Door Piggy Bank

Our Team

Richard Wolpow

Richard A. Wolpow

Managing Partner
Brian A. Lebrecht

Brian A. Lebrecht

General Counsel
Michael A Brochu

Michael A. Brochu

Senior Advisor
Ron Dichter

Ron Eliot Dichter

Senior Advisor
Donald V. Warriner

Donald V. Warriner

Managing Director, Interim President & CEO, Board of Directors Member, Adapt Ideations

Rick Simms

Senior Advisor, Board of Director Member accessibleGO

Join Our Network

Red Door Capital Partners, LLC (“Red Door”) is seeking to expand its Network of High Net Worth Investors, Family Offices and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s), who can benefit from our deal flow, investment thesis, and management oversight as we develop to build our portfolio of assets.


Red Door transactions typically offer preferred income (paid or accrued), downside protection in the form of liquidation preferences, anti-dilution protection and very favorable terms to mitigate risk. Red Doors’ manager, Red Door Management, Inc., is registered as an Exempt Reporting Adviser (CRD#311082). Red Door Offerings are approved on Swab, Fidelity and Kingdom Trust Platforms.


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