Authvia Sets Higher Bar for Contact-free Payments with Txt2pay® Platform Upgrade

June 09, 2020 (EL SEGUNDO, CALIF) – The latest conversational commerce platform from Authvia provides channel partners with scalable text-based payment APIs that enable businesses with safe, simple, and friendly contactless payment acceptance solutions.

Authvia, the maker of conversational commerce solutions that enable instant payment acceptance on contactless channels such as text, social media, chat, email, and messenger, released a new TXT2PAY® platform upgrade that empowers channel partners to initiate and manage broadscale integration, distribution, and boarding.

According to Trevor Rubel, Authvia president, and chief operating officer, the upgrade coincides with a series of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) partner launches that will reach thousands of U.S. merchant locations over the remainder of the year. Authvia’s latest TXT2PAY® version empowers channel partners to, “rapidly integrate and deploy a contactless payments solution to their entire network of business clients,” Rubel said.

“Enabling safer payment experiences is now just as critical as offering a fast, convenient, and friendly experience,” continued Rubel. “Authvia’s platform covers all of these requirements, but without the typical burdens associated with implementing other contactless or mobile payment options, and it functions on messaging channels nearly all consumers are already comfortable using.”

Moreover, Rubel noted the benefits of using TXT2PAY® go well beyond the experience. “Usage data has confirmed consumers are not hesitating to use Authvia for making large, on-demand purchases, and they’re consistently paying bills up to 10 days earlier, simply because it’s convenient,” he said.

Matt Filion, chief technology officer at Authvia, added, “Authvia’s channel partners now have a streamlined set of tools to help them easily set up business clients with TXT2PAY® functionality.” He explained that once integrated, onboarding a new merchant can often occur, “within a matter of minutes, including connecting to over 20 pre integrated U.S. processing platforms.”

Filion explained the automated TXT2PAY® platform uses contemporary intelligent-assist technology and dynamic security codes to streamline the payment process for both business and consumer. “TXT2PAY® works for any business scenario and payments can be made with any SMS-enabled device,” he confirmed.

About Authvia:

Authvia is a Los Angeles-based technology firm offering patent-pending applications and a frictionless, APIdriven platform that facilitates contactless, secure, and fast payment acceptance via popular messaging platforms such as text, social media, and chat. Authvia APIs connect out-of-box to 20+ payment processors and gateways, are easily integrated into any business management software solution, and accelerate merchant cash flow using digital engagement to streamline real-time payments and receivables.


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